Cubs 100 Birthday Big Bash

Date: 11th Nov 2016 Author: Scout Websites

To celebrate to 100th birthday of Cubs a birthday bash camp was held at Bispham Hall Scout Campsite. Throughout the weekend many activities were ran for over 1500 cubs from across the county, these included Inflatables, aerial activities, water bases and bushcraft / scout
skills. From Friday night through to Saturday we had numerous rain showers, although this got many
of the cubs a bit muddy, it just added to the fun for them!

After arriving on many coaches on Friday, the cubs all settled and a campfire was lit. It was great to hear so many cubs getting involved with all the songs and standing up to sing and shout around the fire. They then moved on to a disco in the barn where they partied hard with excitement for another hour. This led into a fairly sleepless night for most of the leaders as they tried to settle their cubs. After a few hours sleep everyone was up and had eaten breakfast for flag break at 9am. Districts then spent the day rotating around each activity base, taking part in many activities like: climbing, shooting, gutting rabbits, canoeing, zip wiring, fire making, shelter building, inflatables and many more! 

This then led in to the concert in the evening, with performances from the Sale gang show, 3rd Davyhulme Scout and Guide Band and X Factor’s very own Reggie and Bollie. The cubs loved every minute of it and were jumping and singing with excitement. The atmosphere was amazing and to see so many people (Cubs and Leaders) having such a great time was fantastic. Following this was the flag parade and promise renewal, accompanied by a great firework show.

After all that partying and excitement the cubs were tired out as they went to bed. As everyone gathered for flag break on Sunday the sun was out and the districts then set up their games and bases for the next few hours. After a fantastic weekend of fun and activities it was then time for the closing ceremony, everyone was sad the weekend was over but glad to get home and clean up from the mud.

The event was perfectly organised, and deserves a big thanks to all the county team and the districts for all their support and hard work.


Sam Foster – Wigan and District Youth Commissioner

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls